PowerFlow XLP5 Oil Purifier

Lube and Hydraulic Oil Purifiers with Integrated Oil Dehydrators: What They Are and Why You Need Them

By PowerFlow Fluid Systems | November 30, 2023

Manage Many Contaminants with One Machine Industrial oil purifiers with integrated oil dehydrators are essential for maintaining the quality and service life of industrial lube and hydraulic oils. They remove contaminants such as water, gases, dirt, metallic particles, and other solids. This helps improve the oil’s performance while reducing wear and tear and the cost…

Understanding and Evaluating Lube and Hydraulic Oil Purification Systems

By PowerFlow Fluid Systems | May 31, 2023

Lubrication and hydraulic fluids for industrial machinery will most often suffer from water contamination.  AMPTIAC Quarterly reports that 75% of hydraulic system failures result from fluid contamination.  Water is second only to particulate as a source of significant contamination of machine oils.  Rotating equipment is especially vulnerable.  For example, as the water content in turbine…

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Lube Oil Health Metrics Show the Value of Oil Dehydrators/Purifiers

By PowerFlow Fluid Systems | May 31, 2023

When a well-designed oil purifier is used on a lube oil reservoir, the impact on the oil’s health will be quickly realized by monitoring key diagnostic metrics. Oil purifiers integrate filtration, dehydration and de-aeration in a compact skid or cart-mounted system. The purpose of the machine is to extend the useful life of oil by…

Hydac StatX Filter Element

Improve Personnel Safety and Lubrication System Health with Hydac’s StatX® Filter Technology

By PowerFlow Fluid Systems | May 5, 2023

If you depend on oil-lubricated equipment, you know the importance of a clean, healthy lubrication system. It ensures safe, efficient operation. It also improves the reliability and service life of your equipment.   Hydac StatX Series Anti-Static Cartridge Filter Elements Hydac designed StatX Anti-Static Filter Elements for superior filtration and mitigation of electrostatic discharge (ESD.)…

Donaldson Filtration Solutions

Donaldson Introduces Next Gen Filter Media for Hydraulic Fluid

By PowerFlow Fluid Systems | March 17, 2023

    Donaldson Filtration just launched a new filter media that the company claims will extend critical component life by as much as 60%.  Alpha-Web filter media is designed for superior performance under flow and pressure cycles typical in many hydraulic fluid systems.  This innovative media features a first-of-its-kind fine-fiber layer to trap and lock…

Hydac Hydraulic Filter Assembly

Selection and Use of Hydraulic Filter Housings

By PowerFlow Fluid Systems | February 23, 2023

Filtration is ideal for achieveing and maintaining the desired cleanliness level for hydraulic fluids. Yet, without the right filtration equipment, this will be difficult.  The following are important factors in the selection and use of Hydraulic Filter Housings. Filter Placement Options Hydraulic systems typically have three Filter Housings: 1. Suction Filter This filter connects to…

3M Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors

3M Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors Offer Efficient Clean Gas Control

By PowerFlow Fluid Systems | January 25, 2023

When you require high water quality without contamination, 3M™ Liqui-Cel™ Membrane Contractors offer an ideal solution for reliable and efficient gas control with low extractables. Unlike conventional Forced Draft Deaerators or chemical alternatives, 3M Liqui-Cel are closed systems that may help reduce the risk of introducing environmental contaminants and do not require chemicals to operate.…

PowerFlow XLP5 Oil Dehydration Purifier

PowerFlow Launches XLP Series Oil Dehydrator/Purifier

By PowerFlow Fluid Systems | January 19, 2023

PowerFlow recently launched its XLP Series Oil Purifier product line.  Used to remove particulate, water and gases from oils, these machines improve performance and extend the service intervals of hydraulic and lubrication systems.  The advanced mass transfer dehydration technology offers excellent performance, while minimizing energy input and preventing oil degradation.  In keeping with PowerFlow’s commitment…

PowerFlow XLC30 Turbine Lube OIl Conditioner

Turbine Lube Oil Dehydrator/Conditioners Maintain Critical Oil Properties and Save Turbines from Sudden and Routine Water, Particulate and Air/Gas Ingression

By PowerFlow Fluid Systems | January 9, 2023

Many power plant engineers can attest to the importance of protecting a turbine’s lubrication system from the damaging effects of water, particulate and air/gas ingression. The most practical and effective way to do this is by using a turbine lube oil conditioner. To understand the benefits of using a turbine lube oil conditioner, first it…

PowerFlow XVF Varnish Removal Filter

Varnish in Machinery Lubrication Systems Leads to Big Complications with a Simple Solution

By PowerFlow Fluid Systems | January 9, 2023

Varnish is a thin, hard film that forms in oil lubrication systems that can lead to machinery failures if not properly prevented or removed. It is caused by the breakdown of oil due to heat, oxygen, and contaminants. When oil breaks down, it produces molecular by-products called varnish precursors that adhere to metal surfaces, creating…