Rental Equipment for Oil Dehydration and Purification Projects and More…

PowerFlow maintains one of the largest and most advanced fleets of rental equipment for oil purification projects.  Our fleet includes oil dehydrators, filter carts, varnish removal systems, heaters, flushing equipment and more.  We offer low daily, weekly and monthly rental rates and an urgent response service.  Our rental program is also a great way to try-out our state-of-the-art equipment if you are considering making a purchase.

Oil Purification Systems

Systems integrating vacuum mass transfer dehydration and particulate filters to remove particulate, water, and gases from lube, hydraulic, dielectric and other fluids. Currently, our Oil Purifier fleet includes two sizes.  Choose 6 gpm or 22 gpm.

PowerFlow XLP Series Oil Purifier

Filter Carts and Systems

Systems that utilize disposable cartridges or self-cleaning screens to filter particulate from fluids.  From hand-held totes to two-wheeled dollies to large-volume flushing systems, PowerFlow engineered filtration systems are designed to meet your needs.

Varnish Removal Systems

Need a quick solution for removing varnish from lube oil systems?  Our rental fleet includes units specifically engineered to capture and retain varnish precursors found in lube oil.  This eliminates the source of varnish deposition.  As the precursors are removed, the oil dissolves varnish deposits from system components and carries them back to the varnish removal system, where they are captured.  Over time, the deposits vanish, and varnish potential is mitigated to safe levels.

Turbine lube oil varnish remediation

Other Systems

Our Fleet includes many other miscellaneous fluid systems including:

  • Coalescer Skids
  • Pump Skids
  • Heater Skids
  • Hach PODS Oil Diagnostic System