PowerFlow DAW Systems for the Beverage Industry

Liqui-Cel DAW System Made by PowerFlow Fluid Systems

Featuring 3M Liqui-Cel Technology

PowerFlow Fluid Systems is helping craft breweries and beverage packagers integrate clean, simple, innovative dissolved gas control into expansion and upgrade projects.  3M™ Liqui-Cel™ gas transfer membrane contactors are the core technology for these systems.  Capable of both adding and removing gases to liquids, 3M Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors provide a versatile, compact, in-line solution that delivers rapid deoxygenation, decarbonation, carbonation, and nitrogenation of liquids to precise concentration levels.  Using this advanced membrane-based DAW system in your production line will increase operating efficiency and reduce guesswork while maintaining or improving product quality, consistency and stability.


Total dissolved gas control

3M Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors provide efficient dissolved gas control in a compact design.  Capable of adding or removing dissolved gases and bubbles from water, beer, wine, ciders and other beverages, these gas transfer devices utilize hollow-fiber membrane technology for improved operating efficiency, performance and product quality.  They have replaced vacuum towers, forced draft deaerators, and sparging systems for over 20 years. This video provides a brief overview of the operating principles of the Liqui-Cel contactors.


Key features and benefits

Rapid in-line gas control
• Can provide near instantaneous DAW on-demand
• May eliminate need for tanks or pumps
• Can eliminate labor and simplify production
• Reduces hold-up time in gas absorption, speeding up production

Compact and versatile
• Allows for installation in tight spaces
• May reduce or eliminate construction and expansion costs
• Can be mobile and used in multiple process steps

Predictable and precise
• Gas concentrations can be precisely controlled to consistently meet target specifications
• Bubble-free gas injection helps with foam head stability

High performance and efficient
• Can reach 1 ppb oxygen to help protect product quality and reduce risk of can corrosion
• Smaller pumps and efficient use of sweep gases may lower operating costs

Modular design
• Systems can be scaled up to meet future expansion needs


Liqui-Cel DAW System Made by PowerFlow Fluid SystemsPowerFlow upgrades water quality control at North Texas brewery

PowerFlow designed and built this 30 gpm DAW system utilizing 3M Liqui-Cel technology for a 40,000 bbl/yr craft brewery in North Texas.  The system was installed in 2020 and provides deaerated water (DAW) on-demand with less 20 ppb dissolved oxygen.  Precise control of water quality parameters like DO contribute to improved product consistency, product quality and shelf life.  The DAW is currently used for packing transfer piping and pushing water for the brewery.  Future plans include connecting the system to the bottle rinsing line and other post-fermentation processes.


Checkout this 3M Liqui-Cel brochure for more information

3M Liqu--Cel and Filtration for Breweries