3M™ Liqui-Cel™ Membrane Contactors

Clean Efficient Dissolved Gas Control

Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors offer direct gas transfer in a compact module.  Combining optimized fluid dynamics with 3M's advanced membrane technology yields a unique solution for many dissolved gas control and debubbling applications. It is possible to transfer dissolved gas from one fluid to another without direct contact.  Equilibrium forces drive gas molecules across the membrane that separates the fluids.  This simple design is so efficient that gas control is nearly instantaneous, allowing fluid to be processed on demand.   

Liqui-Cel Mini-Modules Membrane Contactors

Excellent for bench-scale experiments and process development projects. Applications such as water degasification and ammonia recovery using TMCS. (All Models in Stock)

Liqui-Cel EXF Series Membrane Contactors

Liqui-Cel ExtraFlow contactors offer the highest gas transfer rates.  With a unique double pass flow configuration and proprietary fiber construction, extremely low dissolved gas levels can be achieved.  Conversely, the gas transfer rates are high enough that on-demand beverage carbonation and other gasification processes become economical and very productive.  (Select Models in Stock)

PowerFlow DAW Systems with Liqui-Cel Technology

PowerFlow designs and builds systems for precise, on-demand, dissolved gas control.  Liqui-Cel membrane contactors are the heart of each system.  We have systems in breweries and power plants.  To date, we have installations that range from 15 to 700 gpm.  Contact us today and let us help you with your degasification or deaeration project.