3M™ Liqui-Cel™ SP Series 1×3 Gas Transfer Membrane Contactor

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3M Liqui-Cel SP Series 1×3 Gas Transfer Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactor

3M Liqui-Cel SP Series utilizes hollow fiber membrane that is impermeable to chemically compatible liquids, yet gas permeable. This enables efficient dissolved gas removal. Ideal for use with compatible solutions containing organic solvents and surfactants, such as inks, coatings, photo resists, emulsions and plating solutions. Range of flow capacities from point of use to bulk fluid processing. Materials of construction compatible with many chemistries. Compact, in-line operation may help simplify the degassing process and save space.

Commonly used to remove bubbles and dissolved gases from liquids with low surface tensions, 3M Liqui-Cel SP Series Membrane Contactors use a non-porous, gas-permeable hollow fiber. This membrane technology makes it possible to degas and debubble compatible solutions containing surfactants or organic solvents.

Many processes using liquids containing organic solvents and surfactants require degassing and bubble removal. Ink jet printers degas inks to prevent nozzle misfires and poor drop formation that could lead to printer downtime, maintenance and poor print quality. In ink production, SP series membrane contactors are installed in filling steps to help prevent foaming. Similar to ink jet printing, entrained air can negatively impact other production processes, such as processes using compatible monomers, paper coatings, photoresists, developers, emulsions and plating solutions by causing defects or process interruptions.

1×3 Models include but not limited to: G650, G650W, G681, G681W

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