3M™ Liqui-Cel™ MM Series 1.7×8.75 Gas Transfer Membrane Contactor

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3M Liqui-Cel MM Series 1.7×8.75 Compact Gas Transfer Membrane Contactor

3M Liqui-Cel MM Series offer a compact design for tight space requirements. Ideal for proof-of concept testing Suitable for low flow rate and lab-scale applications. Utilizes microporous hollow fiber membrane, similar to the EXF series, but devices have either transverse liquid flow outside of the fibers or parallel flow designs where liquid flows on the inside of the hollow fiber.

Liqui-Cel MM Series contactors are 3M’s smallest degassing (debubbling) devices. These devices pack a high membrane surface area into a very small footprint. Used primarily in laboratory and analytical applications, degassing with these small point of use degassers/debubblers may help improve measurement reliability, reduce rework and improve product quality.

Lab-scale systems producing deionized (DI) water have limited space to incorporate degassing technology. The compact design of the Liqui-Cel MM series allows manufacturers of DI water systems to provide degassed DI water without taking up a lot of space inside the system.

Contactors are available for flow rates from 5 ml/min to 3000 ml/min. Potential Applications:

  • Debubbling water in bench-top pure water systems
  • Degassing sample water used in laboratory analyzers
  • Debubbling water in analytical and diagnostic systems to help reduce inaccurate measurements and readings

1.7×8.75 Models include but not limited to: G541

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