Lube Oil Health Metrics Show the Value of Oil Dehydrators/Purifiers

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When a well-designed oil purifier is used on a lube oil reservoir, the impact on the oil’s health will be quickly realized by monitoring key diagnostic metrics. Oil purifiers integrate filtration, dehydration and de-aeration in a compact skid or cart-mounted system. The purpose of the machine is to extend the useful life of oil by continuously managing contaminants. Particulate, water and gaseous contaminants impact critical diagnostics tracked on periodic oil analysis. Therefore, it is easy to see the impact and value of the oil purifier in these reports. Our infographic examines the relationship between contaminants, oil diagnostics and oil purifiers.

Infographic about critical oil diagnostic metrics that show the value of PowerFlow's XLP Series Oil Purifier

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For more insight on the benefits and evaluation of oil purifiers, please view our post here.  Visit our XLP Series product page for more information and to request a quote.