Donaldson Introduces Next Gen Filter Media for Hydraulic Fluid

Donaldson Filtration Solutions



Donaldson Filtration just launched a new filter media that the company claims will extend critical component life by as much as 60%.  Alpha-Web filter media is designed for superior performance under flow and pressure cycles typical in many hydraulic fluid systems. 

This innovative media features a first-of-its-kind fine-fiber layer to trap and lock particles during frequent flow-rate changes.  Donaldson claims the media improves particle counts by two ISO Cleanliness Levels, resulting in 4X cleaner hydraulic fluid.  Read more about this here

Donaldson Alpha-Web Filtration Media Fine Fibers.  Credit Donaldson Filtration Solutions

Alpha-Web filter media’s fine fiber layer traps particulate as flow rates cycle

Donaldson’s product development and Alpha-Web launch paralleled the amplification of issues with underperforming filters in increasingly demanding hydraulic applications.  One significant failure mode for these filters involves their ability to capture and retain particulate while undergoing flow-rate changes (cycles.)  The need to test and evaluate performance under cyclic stress was the driving force behind the development and recent implementation of ISO 23369.  According to

This standard specifies:

a) A multi-pass filtration performance test under cyclic flow conditions with continuous contaminant injection for hydraulic fluid power filter elements.

b) A procedure for determining the contaminant capacity, particulate removal, and differential pressure characteristics.

c) A test currently applicable to hydraulic fluid power filter elements that exhibit an average filtration ratio greater than or equal to 75 for particle sizes ≤25 µm(c) and a final test system reservoir gravimetric level of less than 200 mg/L. It is necessary to determine by validation the range of flow rates and the lower particle size limit that can be used in test facilities.

d) A test using ISO12103-1 A3 medium test dust contaminant and a test fluid.

This document provides a test procedure that yields reproducible test data for appraising the filtration performance of a hydraulic fluid power filter element without the influence of electrostatic charge.



PowerFlow is proud to be an authorized distributor of Donaldson’s hydraulic filtration products.  Our relationship supports our mission to optimize fluid system performance with world-class products and innovative solutions like Alpha-Web.