Improve Personnel Safety and Lubrication System Health with Hydac’s StatX® Filter Technology

Hydac StatX Filter Element

If you depend on oil-lubricated equipment, you know the importance of a clean, healthy lubrication system. It ensures safe, efficient operation. It also improves the reliability and service life of your equipment.


Hydac StatX Series Anti-Static Cartridge Filter Elements

Hydac designed StatX Anti-Static Filter Elements for superior filtration and mitigation of electrostatic discharge (ESD.)

As the use of API group II & III base oils increases the risk of electrostatic discharge in lubrication systems grows. These highly refined oils offer improved lubrication and better oxidative stability than Group I oils. But the extra refinement lowers the oil’s electrical conductivity. Less conductive oil often leads to the accumulation of electrical charges in lubrication systems.

ESD in operating equipment can lead to serious problems. These include accelerated oil breakdown, additive depletion and reduced filter element service life. In severe cases, incidents of fire and reservoir explosions or deflagrations occur. Moreover, charge accumulation and arc discharge present a safety hazard to equipment operators.

Oil filters often accumulate and discharge static charge.  The arc damages the filters and oil. These filter elements often have high media flux rates and electrically insulated sealing mechanisms. When oil moisture content and conductivity are low, static charges build up on standard elements.  With no path for safe dissipation, the potential for arc discharge is high. Using anti-static filter technology is a simple and effective solution. Hydac’s Stat-X filter elements mitigate charge accumulation and virtually eliminate the risk of ESD.


Using Hydac StatX Filter Elements offers the following benefits:

  • Charge mitigation in all applications (other products are electrically conductive, effective in limited applications)
  • Reduction of oil degradation products (varnish)
  • Increased oil service intervals
  • Extended service life of bearings and prevention of bearing corrosion
  • Safe operation in explosive atmospheres
  • Reduced unplanned downtime
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Extended maintenance intervals
  • Improved safety for employees and machines, due to proven reduction of electrostatic arcing


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