Varnish in Machinery Lubrication Systems Leads to Big Complications with a Simple Solution

PowerFlow XVF Varnish Removal Filter

Varnish is a thin, hard film that forms in oil lubrication systems that can lead to machinery failures if not properly prevented or removed. It is caused by the breakdown of oil due to heat, oxygen, and contaminants. When oil breaks down, it produces molecular by-products called varnish precursors that adhere to metal surfaces, creating varnish deposits. These deposits build up over time and interfere with the proper functioning of machinery.

One way that varnish causes machinery failures is by clogging or obstructing oil passages and filters. This can reduce the flow of oil to critical components, leading to inadequate lubrication and increased wear and tear. Varnish also binds moving parts together, causing them to stick or seize. This can lead to machinery malfunction or a complete breakdown.

Varnish can also affect the performance of the oil itself by changing its viscosity. As varnish builds up, it can increase the oil’s viscosity, making it thicker and more difficult to flow. This can lead to a reduction in lubrication and increased friction that can cause heat build-up and wear to lubricated components.

To prevent varnish from forming and causing machinery failures, it is important to prevent the accumulation of varnish precursors in oil lubrication systems. In turn, this will prevent new varnish and allow the oil to dissolve existing varnish deposits.  The dissolved varnish can then be mitigated.

There are two varnish mitigation technologies that are very effective. One utilizes specially designed lenticular filters and the other utilizes ion exchange resin. Lenticular filters are most suitable for larger systems with a thousand or more gallons of oil, while resin systems are highly effective and convenient for smaller systems. These systems are relatively simple to operate and maintain considering the massive benefits of varnish prevention.  Find out more information here

Varnish can lead to machinery failures that if not properly prevented or removed, will lead to serious machine malfunctions and expenses. To prevent this, consider purchasing or renting a high quality Varnish Mitigation System from PowerFlow Fluid Systems today.