Varnish Mitigation Systems

Varnish is a film or coating that can form on surfaces within mineral oil-based lubrication systems. It is a byproduct of the oil's chemical breakdown caused by high temperatures, oxygen exposure, and contaminants in the oil. Varnish can accumulate on surfaces like bearings, gears, and servo valves, leading to issues that can impact the performance and reliability of machinery.  PowerFlow Fluid Systems has decades of experience combating these issues and manufactures both filtration-based and resin bonding-based varnish mitigation systems.

We Have a System for You

Our XVR Series uses filtration media that is specifically engineered to remove and retain varnish precursors present in mineral oils.  This eliminates the source of varnish deposition.  As the concentration of precursors decreases, existing varnish deposits are dissolved by the fluid and carried back to the XVR and removed.  Over time, all traces of varnish deposits are gone and varnish potential is mitigated to safe levels.

Our XDR Series utilizes resin that forms a molecular bond with varnish precursors.  The resin is contained in a patented cartridge that allows maximum utilization of the resin with minimum pressure drop.  The cartridge is easily replaceable and disposable.  

PowerFlow is also an Authorized Distributor of Hydac's IXU and VMU Series.  These systems provide similar varnish removal capability with a specialized media that can be used for challenging process and environmental conditions.