Hydac RKM Series Low Pressure (Return) Filters

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  • RKM is a combination open loop return and closed loop suction boost filter in one housing.
  • The return line flow of the operating hydraulics is fed to the filter via port A (inlet) and is cleaned by the filter element (full flow return line filtration). A pressure (standard = 7psi) is applied by the back-pressure valve V1. This insures that the filtered, precharged return line flow is available to the hydrostatic feed pump via ports B (full flow suction boost filtration). Excess fluid drained via the back-pressure valve to the tank (port T).
  • A bypass valve V2 (standard = 36 psi) is incorporated to relieve excessive back-pressures in the element (important on cold starts). Flow from the tank can be drawn via the anti-cavitation valve to the suction side for a short time (emergency function).
  • Full flow finest filtration (10 μm, 15 μm absolute) of return line and hydrostatic feed pump which extends the service life of your components.
  • Outstanding cold start characteristics due to precharge via back pressure valve (standard = 7 psi).
  • Due to the advanced RKM element technology and specially developed bypass valves, the lowest back-pressures can be achieved across the filter even at very low temperatures.
  • One tank cutout for up to 6 suction and 3 return lines.
  • Aluminum alloy is water tolerant – anodization is not required for water based fluids (HWBF).

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