Pall Coralon Series Pleated Filter Elements

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Pall Coralon upgrades previous generations of Pall hydraulic & lube filter elements such as Ultipor III, Ultipor III Coreless, Ultipor Dirt Fuse, Ultipor SRT, Ultipor Plus, Ultipor Max, and Red 1000. Coralon elements utilize SRT (stress-resistant technology) media for unsurpassed performance and value. SRT technology optimizes performance under system stresses at all stages of filter life for consistently cleaner fluid, lower pressure drop, and longer service life. Models include, but not limited to: HC2006, HC2023, HC2104, HC2196, HC2206, HC2207, HC2216, HC2217, HC2225, HC2226, HC2233, HC2235, HC2237, HC2238, HC2240, HC2245, HC2246, HC2252, HC2253, HC2256, HC2257, HC2260, HC2263, HC2285, HC2286, HC2288, HC2289, HC2295, HC2296, HC2544, HC2618, HC4704, HC4901, HC6200, HC6300, HC6400, HC6500, HC8200, HC8300, HC8304, HC8310, HC8314, HC8400, HC8500, HC8700, HC8800, HC8900, HC8904, HC9020, HC9021, HC9024, HC9100, HC9101, HC9104, HC9400, HC9401, HC9404, HC9600, HC9601, HC9604, HC9606, HC9650, HC9651, HC9700, HC9701, HC9711, HC9725, HC9730, HC9735, HC9800, HC9801, HC9804, HC9901, HCT200

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