Pall WS18 Series Water Sensors

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Pall WS18DS is designed to offer reliable measurement of water content in oils in demanding industrial applications. In addition to being able to measure both relative humidity and temperature to highly accurate and precise levels, the WS18DS is also capable of calculating the parts per million (PPM) content of dissolved water in oil. Models include but not limited to: WS18DSB08, WS18DSB0805, WS18DSB0810, WS18DSB08L, WS18DSB08L05, WS18DSB08L10, WS18DSC08, WS18DSC0805, WS18DSC0810, WS18DSC08L, WS18DSC08L05, WS18DSC08L10, WS18DSRB08, WS18DSRB08L, WS18DSRB08, WS18DSRB08L, WS18DSVB08, WS18DSVB08L, WS18DSVB08, WS18DSMB08L, WS18DSMB08, WS18DSMB08L, WS18DSMB08, WS18DSMB08L

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