Pall Ultipor SRT Anti-Static Series Pleated Filter Elements

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Pall’s new series of hydraulic and lube filter elements feature Ultipor® SRT (stress-resistant technology) media for unsurpassed performance and value. Ultipor SRT elements provide greatly reduced static charge build-up, low element pressure drop for small envelope size and long life, optimum performance at all stages of filter life for cleaner fluid, and optimum performance under cyclic flow and pressure conditions for cleaner fluid. Models include but not limited to: HC2006, HC2023, HC2104, HC2196, HC2206, HC2207, HC2216, HC2217, HC2225, HC2226, HC2233, HC2235, HC2237, HC2238, HC2240, HC2245, HC2246, HC2252, HC2253, HC2256, HC2257, HC2260, HC2263, HC2285, HC2286, HC2288, HC2289, HC2295, HC2296, HC2544, HC2618, HC4704, HC4901, HC6200, HC6300, HC6400, HC6500, HC8200, HC8300, HC8304, HC8310, HC8314, HC8400, HC8500, HC8700, HC8800, HC8900, HC8904, HC9020, HC9021, HC9024, HC9100, HC9101, HC9104, HC9400, HC9401, HC9404, HC9600, HC9601, HC9604, HC9606, HC9650, HC9651, HC9700, HC9701, HC9711, HC9725,HC9730, HC9735, HC9800, HC9801, HC9804, HC9901

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