Pall Ultipor III Series Pleated Filter Elements

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High performance Pall Ultipor III filters incorporate state-of-the-art design technology, including a unique patented “helical wrap” pleat support system and composite element structure for unsurpassed strength, performance and service life. The result is a cost-effective solution clearly superior to traditional filter designs. Models include but not limited to: HC2006, HC2023, HC2104, HC2196, HC2206, HC2207, HC2216, HC2217, HC2225, HC2226, HC2233, HC2235, HC2237, HC2238, HC2240, HC2245, HC2246, HC2252, HC2253, HC2256, HC2257, HC2260, HC2263, HC2285, HC2286, HC2288, HC2289, HC2295, HC2296, HC2544, HC2618, HC4704, HC4901, HC6200, HC6300, HC6400, HC6500, HC8200, HC8300, HC8304, HC8310, HC8314, HC8400, HC8500, HC8700, HC8800, HC8900, HC8904, HC9020, HC9021, HC9024, HC9100, HC9101, HC9104, HC9400, HC9401, HC9404, HC9600, HC9601, HC9604, HC9606, HC9650, HC9651, HC9700, HC9701, HC9711, HC9725,HC9730, HC9735, HC9800, HC9801, HC9804, HC9901

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