Pall Ultipleat High Flow Series Pleated Filter Elements

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Pall Ultipleat® High Flow filter is a large diameter, coreless, single open ended, pleated cartridge with an inside-to-outside flow pattern. The filter’s unique crescent-shaped pleat geometry, combined with its large 152.4 mm (6 inch) diameter and proprietary range of available Pall filter media, allows you to use significantly fewer filters and smaller housings for high flow rate applications. Systems can handle up to 115,443 lpm (30,500 gpm). Models include but not limited to: HFU620J060, HFU620J100, HFU620J200, HFU620UY020, HFU620UY045, HFU620UY060, HFU620UY100, HFU620UY200, HFU620UY400, HFU620UY700, HFU620UY1000, HFU620GF020, HFU620GF060, HFU620GF100, HFU620GF200, HFU620GF400, HFU620CAS010, HFU640J060, HFU640J100, HFU640J200, HFU640UY020, HFU640UY045, HFU640UY060, HFU640UY100, HFU640UY200, HFU640UY400, HFU640UY700, HFU640UY1000, HFU640GF020, HFU640GF060, HFU640GF100, HFU640GF200, HFU640GF400, HFU640CAS010, HFU660J060, HFU660J100, HFU660J200, HFU660UY020, HFU660UY045, HFU660UY060, HFU660UY100, HFU660UY200, HFU660UY400, HFU660UY700, HFU660UY1000, HFU660GF020, HFU660GF060, HFU660GF100, HFU660GF200, HFU660GF400, HFU660CAS010, HFU680J060, HFU680J100, HFU680J200, HFU680UY020, HFU680UY045, HFU680UY060, HFU680UY100, HFU680UY200, HFU680UY400, HFU680UY700, HFU680UY1000, HFU680GF020, HFU680GF060, HFU680GF100, HFU680GF200, HFU680GF400, HFU680CAS010,

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