T.R.A.P. Series Moisture Blocking Breather

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Donaldson Clean T.R.A.P. Series Moisture Blocking Breather

The Thermally Reactive Advanced Protection (T.R.A.P.) Breather assembly protects the contents of your storage tank from airborne moisture and particulate contamination. It combines a high capacity 3 micron air filter with a deliquescent breather that dries itself when air is expelled from the tank. This self-regenerating capability of T.R.A.P. enables extended life. Keep your fluids clean and dry with a Donaldson Clean T.R.A.P. Breather.. Models Include but limited to: P566151, P564669, P566156, P565616, P565857, P565858, P566037, P575077, P566174, P567390, P567392, P567932, P567933, P566168, P566321, P575080, P563874, P563453

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