Solberg Knock-Out Tank Series Multi-Stage Separators

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Solberg’s Knockout series is a heavy duty multistage liquid and particulate separator to protect vacuum pumps from harmful contaminants. This turn-key solution is readily available and easily configured. Multiple separator pack options are available and adjustable legs are standard for easy installation.



  • 2 – 1” sight glass ports with sight glasses (low/high level)
  • 1” upper chamber drain port
  • ¼” plugged differential ports on inlet and outlet
  • ½” plugged equalization port for use with pneumatic drain system


  • 6 position adjustable legs
  • Pre drilled to accept pneumatic drain system option
  • Predrilled floor anchor holes
  • Legs ship in lowest position


  • Nameplate
  • 2” drain with brass ball valve included
  • Lifting lugs on the tank body


Flange adapters

STS Series – Benefits:

  • Prohibit liquid and debris from damaging vacuum valves & pumps
  • Easy visual inspection with see-through housing
  • Minimize piping costs with “T” style configuration
  • Compact design for space restricted work areas
  • Shuts off flow to prevent liquid bypass