Solberg 0.3 Micron Series Coalescing Elements

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Coalescing Elements for Oil Mist Eliminators


  • High efficiency at low pressure drop
  • Increased surface area in a given volume allows for low velocity separation of ultra-fine oil mists
  • Low oil carryover
  • Reinforced with epoxy coated steel wire
  • Metal support on both sides of media

Technical Specifications

  • 0.3 micron media; 99.97% efficiency
  • Continuous operating temp: 68°F (20°C) – 180°F (80°C)


  • Blower Exhaust Oil Mist
  • Cement
  • Food Processing-Pressure
  • Nailers/Staplers
  • Paper Processing
  • Vacuum Coating
  • Vacuum Freeze Dry
  • Vacuum Outgassing
  • Industrial Vacuum Processes
  • Oil removal for pressure unloading vents on piston compressors
  • Captures oil fog, mist, or smoke from exhaust on oil flooded vacuum pumps
  • Any application requiring low delta p coalescing of large air volumes
  • Custom vacuum pumping systems


Endcap Styles

  • B = Closed one end with bolt hole, open on other end
  • D = Element with molded open end, metal closed
  • G = Galvanized metal
  • M = Molded plastisol
  • P = Pleated coalescing media
  • W = Wrapped coalescing media