Pall S Series Sintered Metal Filter Elements

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Pall S Series PSS® filter elements are constructed of 316L low carbon, stainless steel powder, sinter bonded in an inert environment. In addition to stainless steel, these filter elements are also available in the following alloys: Inconel, Nickel, 300 series stainless, Monel 400, Hastelloy C276, Iron Aluminide, and other high nickel/chrome alloys. These elements provide state-of-the-art removal efficiency and economy of use, with at least two times the dirt holding capacity of conventional porous metal elements. A patented manufacturing process for S Series PSS elements eliminates the undesirable effects of forming and longitudinally welding flat sheets into cylindrical filter elements. This results in seamless elements that are more resistant to mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses. This unique process also produces a sintered medium of significantly higher void volume and a highly uniform pore structure. Designs are available suitable for temperatures up to 1250° F/677°C. Models include but not limited to: MBS100, C-14, C23

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