Pall Rigimesh Series Pleated Porous Metal Elements

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Pall Rigimesh porous metal filter elements are extremely permeable and are constructed of high dirt capacity stainless steel (type 304 or 316L) woven wire mesh. Rigimesh media outperform other meshes because they are sintered woven wire meshes with higher void space. Pall sinters the wires at their points of contact, producing an extremely strong porous material whose wires will not shift under stress and whose pore size integrity is continually maintained. This patented Pall process permits use of finer diameter wires in manufacturing the filter medium. The net result is a filter with more pores per unit area, providing more dirt-holding capacity than that of an unsintered mesh made from coarser wires. Designs are available which are suitable for temperatures up to 600°F/315°C. Models include but not limited to: MB, P

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