PowerFlow XLC Series Turbine Lube Oil Conditioners

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PowerFlow XLC30 Turbine Lube OIl Conditioner

PowerFlow XLP Series Turbine Lube Oil Conditioners remove water, gases and particulate from oil.  These systems combine coalescing filters with state-of-the-art mass transfer vacuum dehydration and advanced particle filtration technology to keep lubricating oil in excellent condition during normal operation, while ready to tackle any upsets that dump excessive amounts of water or particulate in the system.  They are particularly suited for applications that may require bulk water removal from time to time.  Available in a 30 and 125 gpm flow capacities these systems can rapidly remediate oil, removing 2-10 gallons per minute of bulk water.  Simulteneously, they remove dissolved and emulsified water, entrained and dissolved gases and suspended particulate.  Contaminated oil can be quickly dried and filtered, returning to the targeted ISO cleanliness level and water content.  

Standard Features:

  • 30 or 125 GPM flow capacity
  • Onboard pump
  • Pump suction strainer
  • Direct acting pressure relief valve
  • Full-flow filter assembly w/ internal bypass valves and beta 1000 filter efficiency
  • Vacuum adjustment circuit with bypass air filter
  • Onboard circulation-type oil heater
  • Pop-up filter service indicators and differential pressure gauges
  • 10 or 30 gpm coalescing filter slip stream circuit
  • 22 gpm mass transfer vacuum dehydration system
  • Low-maintenance dry claw style vacuum pump
  • Water saturation sensor
  • Full monitoring and control package
  • Vacuum discharge condensor and coalescing filter
  • 7 inch touchscreen HMI
  • Local start/stop control with remote capability


  • Particle monitor
  • Lighting scheme

Spec Sheets: