NOSHOK Type 20 Front Flush, Non-Replaceable Diaphragm Seals

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  • Designed for applications requiring an NPT male threaded process connection and with a flush diaphragm
  • Flush diaphragm construction prevents clogging and process material build-up
  • Constructed with a 316 Stainless Steel housing and diaphragm for strength and durability
  • Available instrument connection sizes are 1/4" and 1/" with a process connection size of 1/2" NPT male to 2" NPT male
  • Consider instrument size, pressure range, media composition, ambient and operating temperature, and maximum working pressure when selecting
  • Capillaries and cooling elements are available for elevated process temperatures, see options & accessories below
  • Fill fluid must be compatible with process media; i.e. Glycerin may become volatile in conjunction with a strong oxidizing agent such as chlorine, forms of oxygen or peroxide and nitric acids

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