NOSHOK Series Direct Connect Assembly

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The NOSHOK Direct Connect Assembly provides an installation that keeps the meter close to the orifice taps for accurate flow measurements.

  • Reduces traditional remote mount installation costs by eliminating tube ends, tube fittings, stainless steel tubing, pipe stands and mounting brackets
  • Decreases leak points by reducing NPT connections
  • Minimizes or eliminates gauge line error
  • Can include 2-valve or 5-valve manifolds including the NOSHOK Flare Pattern™ 5-Valve Natural Gas Manifold, as well as Stabilized Connectors, Stabilized Connectors with Integral Valve, Non-Stabilized Connectors and Dielectric Kits (see Options & Accessories below)
  • Wide variety of adapter options including Δ Pressure to Δ Pressure Adaptor, Δ Pressure to Static Pressure Plate, Static Adaptors and Horizontal to Vertical Adaptors (see Options & Accessories below)

Spec Sheets: