NOSHOK Series All Non-Metallic Diaphragm Seal & Pressure Transmitter/Switch

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  • Electronic indicating pressure transmitter with two alarms, protected by a corrosion-resistant, chemically inert PTFE diaphragm seal with one simple connection
    1. ○ Assembly includes NOSHOK 800 Series Electronic Indicating Pressure Transmitter/Switch and NOSHOK Type 5 All Non-Metallic, Non-Replaceable Diaphragm Seal
  • Ideal for water, wastewater & chemical feed applications
  • A tested and proven solution used in multiple municipalities
  • Can be used to replace a heavy analog gauge with a diaphragm seal and mechanical switch, commonly used for pump shut-off protection
  • Delivers a high level of repeatability and durability
  • Compact size & light weight significantly decrease possible leak paths
  • With no moving parts to wear out, this instrument provides a significantly extended service life over mechanical analog systems
  • The instrument and seal can be used with a power supply and Form C relays to easily integrate into any AC chemical feed system

NOSHOK offers multiple application-focused solutions designed to fit specific requirements, contact factory to discuss your application

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