Hydac StatX Series Anti-Static Cartridge Filter Elements

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Hydac StatX Filter Element

Proven performance shows that Stat-X is the only filter element technology capable of preventing both electrostatic charging (ESC) and discharging (ESD) phenomena under any operating conditions, including:

  • Low-temperature cold start (T = 30°F/-1°C)
  • Extremely low oil conductivities (5 pS/m or less)
  • High-flow flushing operations
  • Hydraulic loads well above 0.02 L/min/cm2 (cf. normal operation)

The benefits are:

  • Charge mitigation in all applications (other products are electrically conductive, effective in limited applications)
  • Reduction of oil degradation products (varnish)
  • Increased oil service intervals
  • Extended service life of bearings and prevention of bearing corrosion
  • Safe operation in explosive atmospheres
  • Reduced unplanned downtime
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Extended maintenance intervals
  • Improve safety for employees and machines due to proven reduction of electrostatic arcing

Our solution eliminates static electricity at the source, preventing costly performance problems, equipment failures, and severe safety hazards to equipment operators and system components.

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