Hydac RF Series Low Pressure (Return) Filters

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  • RF 30 filters constructed of polyamide plastic.
  • RF 60 – 330 filters constructed of aluminum material. Aluminum alloy is water tolerant – anodization is not required for high water based fluids (HWBF).
  • RF 660 – 1300 filters constructed of ductile iron.
  • Non-welded housing design reduces stress concentrations and prevents fatigue failure.
  • Inlet/outlet port options include NPT, SAE straight thread O-ring boss, and SAE 4-bolt flange to allow easy installation without costly adapters.
  • O-ring seals are used to provide positive, reliable sealing. Choice of O-ring materials (Nitrile, Fluoroelastomer, EPDM) provides compatibility with petroleum oils, synthetic fluids, water-glycols, oil/water emulsions, and high water base fluids.
  • Bolt-on lid requires minimal clearance for removal.
  • Reusable contamination basket prevents loss of retained contaminants into the reservoir during element replacement.
  • Clogging indicators can be serviced without interruption of the hydraulic system.
  • Single piece casting provides rigidity for inline or in-tank mounting.

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