Hydac Optimicron Power Series Cartridge Filter Elements

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Optimicron Power elements have been developed to both meet the heavy demands of power plant applications and comply with API-614 specifications. The elements are designed to meet stringent requirements of applications such as turbine lubrication, hydraulic turbine lift systems, and rotary compressors. Key considerations for this type of filtration are low resistance to flow (low differential pressures through the elements) and safety with regard toelectrostatic discharge. This element incorporates Stat-Free® technology which safeguards and inhibits the dangerous generation of static electricity (ESD) which can cause fires and destroy sensitive electronic components and sensors.

As a complete element package, the innovative characteristics of this new technology provide low energy losses, and the compact nature of the element assures better conditioning of the flow. This homogenous flow results in better access to the contaminates and more efficient usage of the surface areas to better filter the contamination.

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