Hydac NFD Series Low Pressure (Return) Filters

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  • NFD Filters have an extremely large filtration area and flow capacity of 450 gpm.
  • NFD Filters can be configured for in-tank or inline applications
  • Vent and drain ports are standard
  • Aluminum alloy is water tolerant – anodization is not required for water based fluids (HWBF)
  • Screw-on lid provides easy access to filter element for replacement
  • Reusable contamination basket prevents re-entry of retained contaminants into the reservoir during element replacement
  • Filters can be fitted with clogging indicators to monitor the contamination level of the element
  • NFD duplex filters have a ball-type selector valve to provide continuous filtration and eliminate the need to shut-down the system during element changeout

Spec Sheets:

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