Hydac MFM Series High Pressure Filters

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  • Because of their efficient design and construction, MFM filters are considered a cost effective solution for new equipment, or as a replacement for filters already specified on existing equipment.
  • The MFM filter is available in 4 sizes comprised of four different bowl and element lengths. The models 35, 55, 75, and 95, provide maximum flow rates of 10, 18, 25, and 30 GPM respectively.
  • A quick-response by-pass valve protects against high differential pressures caused by cold start-ups, flow surges and pressure spikes.
  • The high bypass pressure setting (100 psid) minimizes the possibility of contamination due to premature bypassing.
  • Filters may be specified with or without a clogging indicator. Both Visual and electrical indicators are available. Standard indicators actuate at 72 psid.
  • Filter materials are compatible with all mineral, lubricating oils, and commonly used fire retardant fluids per ISO 2943.
  • Fatigue pressure rating equals maximum allowable working pressure rating.

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