Hydac MA & MG Series Spin-on Filter Elements

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  • HYDAC Beta Spin™ elements are available with Multi-Layer Betamicron® media with absolute ratings of 3, 5, 10, and 20 microns (Beta Ratio ≥ 200).
  • Proper support of the filter media provides high Beta Ratio values (particle removal efficiency) even at high differential pressures. The efficiency of many competitive elements drastically deteriorates as the element clogs and differential pressure increases.
  • Betamicron® filter media is firmly supported to acheiveflow fatigue resistance during significant pressure flow pulsations.
  • High quality adhesive is used to bond the seam of the media and the endcaps to the media.
  • Heavy gauge perforated support tubes are used to provide proper flow distribution and protection against element collapse.

Spec Sheets:

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