Hydac HF4RL Series Medium Pressure Filters

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  • Inlet/Outlet port options include SAE straight thread O-ring boss, and 1 1/2″ SAE 4-bolt flange to allow easy installation without costly adapters.
  • Choice of Nitrile or Fluoro Rubber seal material provides compatibility with petroleum oils, and most synthetic fluids, water-glycols, oil/water emulsions, and water base fluids.
  • Screw-in cap mounted on top of the filter bowl allows quick and easy element changeout.
  • To allow fluid to be drained from the filter before changing the element, a vent plug and a drain plug are provided. Element changes can be made with no mess and minimal loss of fluid.
  • Clogging indicators, with and without thermal lockout, are magnetically actuated and have no external dynamic seal. High reliability is achieved and magnetic actuation eliminates leakage.
  • A cartridge type bypass valve (optional) is mounted in-line between the inlet and outlet port to provide positive sealing during normal operation and fast response during cold starts and flow surges.

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