Hydac FLND Series Low Pressure (Return) Filters

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  • Lightweight duplex filter constructed of aluminum.
  • Aluminum alloyis water tolerant – anodization is not required for high water based fluids (HWBF).
  • The filter housings are designed to withstand pressure surges as well as high static pressure loads.
  • The screw-in bowl allows the filter element to be easily removed for replacement or cleaning.
  • A visual (pop-up), electrical, electrical/visual (lamp), or electronic differential type clogging indicator.
  • The standard model is supplied with vent and drain plugs, and also a connection for differential clogging indicator.
  • The pressure is equalized between chambers by raising the change-over lever prior to switching it to the relevant filter side.
  • Thus, the filter contains an integrated decompression valve.

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