Hydac Betamicron / Aquamicron Series Cartridge Filter Elements

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Hydac Betamicron-Aquamicron Water Absorbing Filter Elements

BN/AM filter elements are specifically designed to absorb water and achieve high efficiency filtration of solid particles from mineral oils, HFD-R oils, and rapidly biodegradable oils. A super absorber reacts with the water present in the fluid and expands to form a gel from which the water can no longer be extracted, even by increasing the system pressure. These filter elements do not remove dissolved water below the saturation level of the hydraulic fluid. Solid particle filtration (3 μm, 10 μm absolute) is achieved due to the Betamicron® element construction.

  • High water retention capacity
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Filtration rating ßx(c) ≥ 100
  • Stable ßx values over a wide differential pressure range (high Beta stability)