Donaldson Hydraulic Replacement Filter Elements

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We offer wide range of Donaldson replacement filter elements for hydraulic applications. Many of these offer choices of standard or high performance models.

Low-pressure (20 bar / 350 psi) spin-on filters with white cans have cellulose media, while black cans have Donaldson’s high performance Syntec™ media.

For medium-pressure applications (20-130 bar / 290-1885 psi) Donaldson offers both spin-on and cartridge-style filter elements. All are offered with Syntec™ media except the FLK line, which comes standard with Syntec XP™ media.

For high-pressure applications (130-450 bar / 1885-6527 psi) Donaldson replacement filter elements offer either Syntec™ or DT Syntec™ media.

Synteq provides the low resistance to fluid flow that makes it ideal for use with synthetic fluids, water glycols, water/oil emulsions, HWCF and petroleum-based fluids.

High-performance DT grades of Synteq media provide the best available chemical resistance for hydraulic applications. They’re ideal for use with phosphate ester and water glycol fluids

Wire mesh and water-absorbing media is available in many elements configurations.

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