Cuno™Metal Screen Filter Elements

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Cuno™Metal Micro-Screen Replacement Filter Cartridges Elements
  • Strong mesh construction withstands high pressure differentials across the cartridge for filtration of high viscosity fluids
  • Elements can be cleaned chemically or ultrasonically and reused
  • Ideal for heavy viscosity liquids requiring high differential pressures to achieve specified flow rates

We offer the CUNO™ Metal Screen Filter Cartridges for effective, consistent filtration of fluids such as high viscosity, high temperature, and corrosive properties. Formerly known as Micro-Screen™ series filters, these filters are made from stainless steel wire cloth for controlled particle removal efficiency.

CUNO™ Metal Screen Filter Cartridges are manufactured for high temperature service and compatibility with a wide range of process fluids. Elements are all 304 or 316 stainless steel, with screen and perforated internal support attached to end caps equipped with replaceable gaskets. For ease of maintenance our metal screen filter cartridges can be cleaned using a variety of methods, including back flushing, chemical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning.

In 75 years as a filter manufacturer, 3M Purification has also developed an assortment of special filter housings, duplex assemblies and units designed to particular specifications for many industrial activities such as aeronautics, nuclear power, chemicals and steam filtration.


  • Corrosive fluids that attack other types of filter media
  • Liquids and gasses at high operating temperatures
  • Steam filtration