Pall Coralon Anti-Static Series Pleated Filter Elements

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Pall Coralon anti-static filter elements provide consistent, high particle capture efficiency, low pressure drop and high dirt holding capacity coupled with the added benefit of significantly reducing static charge generation. Models include but not limited to: HC2006, HC2023, HC2104, HC2196, HC2206, HC2207, HC2216, HC2217, HC2225, HC2226, HC2233, HC2235, HC2237, HC2238, HC2240, HC2245, HC2246, HC2252, HC2253, HC2256, HC2257, HC2260, HC2263, HC2285, HC2286, HC2288, HC2289, HC2295, HC2296, HC2544, HC2618, HC4704, HC4901, HC6200, HC6300, HC6400, HC6500, HC8200, HC8300, HC8304, HC8310, HC8314, HC8400, HC8500, HC8700, HC8800, HC8900, HC8904, HC9020, HC9021, HC9024, HC9100, HC9101, HC9104, HC9400, HC9401, HC9404, HC9600, HC9601, HC9604, HC9606, HC9650, HC9651, HC9700, HC9701, HC9711, HC9725,HC9730, HC9735, HC9800, HC9801, HC9804, HC9901

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