Aquionics PureLine PQ EO H + UV Disinfection Systems for the Food & Beverage Industry

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Aquionics PureLine PQ EO H+ UV systems are aimed specifically at providing third party bioassayed UV disinfection for product and process waters used in the food and beverage industry. The PQ EO H+ integrates an innovative single medium pressure lamp chamber design with sensors and intelligent control technology to automatically deliver optimum disinfection performance with high
operational efficiency. The PQ EO H+ will eliminate harmful microorganisms, reduce the bioburden, protect against bio-fouling, lead to fewer CIP / SIP cycles and lower operating costs. Each system
comes with a certified dry UV sensor that measures the germicidal output of the UV system and a UV dose read out makes it easy to monitor and log performance. The control system also has the
ability to take flow and transmittance meter inputs and calculate the UV dose based on real time operating conditions. In addition to all the PQ features our PureLine PQ EO H+ models are Hygienic
units designed with Triclamp fittings and have a 0.8 micron electro polished internal finish.

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