Aquionics PureLine D EO H UV Disinfection Systems for the Food And Beverage Industry

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Aquionics PureLine D EO H UV systems are optimised to deliver effective UV disinfection for product and process waters used in the food and beverage industry where sanitary design is required.The D EO H integrates an innovative single medium pressure lamp chamber design with sensors and intelligent control technology to automatically deliver optimum disinfection performance with high operational efficiency. The D EO H will eliminate harmful microorganisms, reduce the bio-burden, protect against bio-fouling,lead to fewer CIP / SIP cycles and lower operating costs. Each system comes with a certified dry UV sensor that measures the germicidal output of the UV system and a UV dose read out makes it easy to monitor and log performance. In addition to all these features our PureLine D EO H models are Hygienic units designed with Triclamp fittings and have a 0.8 micron electro polished internal finish.

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