Aquionics ProLine PQ WW IL UV Disinfection Systems for Waste Water Reuse

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Aquionics ProLine PQ WW IL range of Waste Water Reuse UV solutions have been protecting people and the environment from harmful contamination from bacteria and viruses for decades. With increasing urbanisation and water stress the need for tertiary treatment and disinfection of waste water is growing to enable safe and secure recovery of waste water for use as irrigation water, aquifer recharge or for direct reuse as process water in industry or as drinking water. UV is also growing in popularity in this application as it provides a proven alternative to Chlorination avoiding the generation of potentially harmful by-products. This is particularly useful when the waste water is discharged into sensitive environments of critical reuse applications. The ProLine PQ WW IL are compact medium pressure lamp systems and have been validated by a third party to the NWRI standard across a wide range of dose, flow and UVT parameters and have proven performance for disinfection after sand filter and membrane filters.

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