Air Sentry Guardian Desiccant Breathers

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Air Sentry Guardian Desccant Breather

Air Sentry Guardian Series desiccant breathers have a host of features that reduce the frequency of desiccant change-outs.  Integrated check valves protect the silica gel from exhaust gases and fumes that could prematurely deplete it or cause damage.  The casing of all Guardian models is made from an impact and chemical-resistant material with a broad range of operating temperatures.  Other features and options include a stackable design for easy expansion, visual service indicators, splash guards and high capacity prefiltes.  With these features and options the Guardian is the most versatile and cost effective breather to protect your equipment.  Models Include: G5S1N, G5S1NG, G5S1NC, G5S1NGC, G8S1N, G8S1NG, G8S1NC, G8S1NGC, G12S1N, G12S1NG, G12S1NC, G12S1NGC

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