3M™CT Series Filter Housings

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  • Rugged, three-piece, all metal construction for durability
  • Efficient design provides quick and easy cartridge change-out
  • Design flexibility allows use of 1, 2 or 3-high cartridge stack
  • Drilled and tapped mounting holes are ready for mounting bracket installation

3M™ CT Series Cartridge Filter Housings are three-piece, all-metal housings with ring nut closures, designed to securely hold a range of filter types to meet your industrial and process filtration needs. We offer both 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel material construction to meet various application needs.

The CT Models are available with wetted surfaces manufactured using 316 SS head and 304 SS sump, or in all-316 SS, and in one-high (CT101), two-high (CT102), or three-high (CT103) designs. We use ring nuts that are nickel-plated brass for head to sump sealing and a ring nut tightening tool is included for convenience. All CT Model heads have tapped mounting pads. Mounting brackets are available as an accessory and sold separately. The CT Models are rated up to 26 gpm and have a maximum operating pressure and temperature of 300 psig at 200° F. For air and gas service, CT Models have a maximum operating pressure and temperature of 180 psig at 200° F.

We offer one-, two-, and 3-high cartridge models for use with 9 3/4″, 19 1/2″, or 29 1/4″ filter cartridges. In addition, CT Series Cartridge Filter Housing is available with either 3/4 or 1″ Inlet/outlet fittings that allow for water flow rates of 16 or 26 gpm respectively, and will accommodate different host systems.

Applicable Filter Cartridges

  • 3M™ Activated Carbon Series Filters
  • Betafine™ DP and XL Series Filters
  • Betafine™ BK Series Filters
  • Betapure™ AU and NT Series Filters
  • Micro-Klean™ RB Series Filters
  • Micro-Klean™ RT Series Filters
  • Micro-Klean™ D Series Filters
  • Micro-Klean™ CS Series Filters
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