3M™1A1 Series Filter Housings

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  • All metal, two-piece construction for long service life
  • 3/8″ NPTF horizontal inlet/outlet connections provide flow rates of up to 6 GPM
  • Center post design provides quick and easy cartridge change-outs
  • Mounting pads drilled to accept self-tapping screws for quick, easy mounting
  • Optional mounting bracket sold separately

3M™ 1A1 Series Filter Housing is a two-piece aluminum filter housing with a stainless steel center post. The housing has a maximum operating pressure and temperature 125 psig at 200 degrees F. The compact design housing holds a single 3.75” long filter cartridge. The 1A1 Model Filter Housing can handle flow rates to up to 6 Gallons Per Minute (GPM).

Convenience of Design

The 3M™ 1A1 Series Filter Housing is manufactured using an all metal, two-piece construction for lasting durability and service life.  It has a lightweight, rugged die-cast aluminum head and sump and a stainless steel center post for lasting durability where it counts. When needed, a mounting bracket, sold separately, aligns easily with the pre-drilled holes and includes self-tapping screws that eliminate the need for more drilling and fitting work. To help ensure against bypass, leaks and pressure loss, shouldered seal plates fit solidly into the cartridge core for a positive cartridge seal. The stainless steel center post conveniently lifts out for easy cleaning, which helps maintain cleaner systems and maximizes product life.

As process requirements evolve and grow you will appreciate the convenience of the design as you assemble, disassemble, clean and perform periodic maintenance. The housing assembly utilizes 3/8″ NPTF horizontal inlet/outlet connections that help provide flow rates up to 6 GPM, to accommodate a wide range of applications. Please refer to our tech data sheet for complete flow rate data.

Compatible Filter Cartridges

The 3M™ 1A1 Series Filter Housing holds a single 3 ¾” x 2 ½” (nominal) x 1″ (Length x Outer Diameter x Inner Diameter) filter cartridge. The following Micro-Klean™ RB Filter Part Numbers are available: U30B21N, U30B31N, U30C81N, U30F81N, U30L81N, U30Q81N and U30W81N. Please refer to the Micro-Klean RB data sheet for product details.

Micro-Klean™ RB series filters are rigid resin-bonded depth filters with a gradient porosity structure. The component fibers and impregnating resins offer broad chemical compatibility and economical filtration along with high structural stability. These filter cartridges fit a wide array of industry applications including:

  • Lube Oil
  • Process Water
  • Fuel Oil
  • Paints & Ink
  • Machine Coolant

3M Purification carries a complete line of filter housings for use in industrial applications, offering quality, ease of use, flexibility, and economy. From single-cartridge housings to large multi-cartridge housings, 3M Purification provides housings capable of meeting even the most stringent process requirements.

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