3M™ Zeta Plus™U & UW Series Filter Elements

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3M™ Zeta Plus™U, 05UW, 10UW & UW Series Filter Cartridges Elements
  • Products developed specifically for the filtration of Insulation oil used in power generation
  • Tight 10U & 10UW grades provide reduction of very fine particles
  • Water absorbent formulation provides superior water reduction capabilities (UW Grade)

Our Zeta Plus™ U & UW Series filters for the power generation industry are offered in two formulations. The U formulation is recommended for use with oils contaminated mainly with carbon particles, and the UW formulation is specifically formulated for use with oils contaminated with both carbon particles and moisture.

Zeta Plus charge-modified filter media uses electrokinetic adsorption to remove contaminants and colloid materials smaller than those filtered by mechanical sieving alone. Zeta Plus™ U & UW Series filter cartridges are used for reconditioning insulating oils in power generation. Two grades of media, 05 and 10, are available: 05 grade provides efficient reduction of particle contaminants in most insulation oil applications, while the 10 grade provides efficient reduction of ultrafine particles.

Effective Fine Particle and Moisture Reduction

As oil specifications get tighter, finer filtration is required to meet those demands. The 10U formulation was developed to help reduce smaller contaminants such as fine carbon particulate.

Water contaminates the dielectric oil either from the atmosphere or breakdown of the oil itself. Water contamination is usually accompanied by particulate contamination, which then increases both the filtration and water reduction workload. Zeta Plus U & UW series formulations help address both problems.

Automatic Shut-off upon Saturation

The construction of Zeta Plus™ Series 05UW and 10UW cartridges allow it to plug on saturation with water, effectively shutting off flow. This feature is important for two reasons. First, it provides a clearly defined end-point to filter life. Second, the automatic shut-off helps prevent recontamination of the filtrate with water.

User-Friendly Design

Optional cartridge reduction baskets are available for manually or mechanically installing and removing cartridges.

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