3M™ Zeta Plus™HT Series Filter Elements

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3M™ Zeta Plus™HT Series Replacement Filter Media/Elements
  • More than three times the strength of competitive media to withstand multiple steaming and hot water sanitisation cycles – extended filter life resulting in high throughputs, fewer cartridge changes and reduced operating costs
  • Combined depth filtration and electro-kinetic adsorption – efficient haze and particle removal at micron ratings smaller than the mechanical rating alone
  • Easy-to-install cartridges for rapid change – reduced labour cost
  • Totally enclosed, sanitary systems and housings – zero edge leakage and external contamination
  • Variety of cartridge sizes and filtration surface areas – flexible options for all flow requirements
  • All components FDA CFR Title 21 listed – safe for all food and beverage filter applications

Our Zeta Plus HT Series is a charge-modified depth filter constructed with high-tensile strength media to perform efficiently even under operating conditions requiring elevated operating temperatures or repeated hot water sanitation cycles. Zeta Plus HT filter media is made from inorganic filter aids, refined cellulose and cationic resin.

Grade Selection Our Zeta Plus HT series filter media are available in several grades, that meet the different filtration needs required by your applications. Nominal filtration ratings are given in the following table for the various grades. Our optimal filtration system for your particular application can be determined by on-site testing or by sample evaluation by a member of our Scientific Application Support Services group (SASS).

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