3M™ Zeta Plus™H Series Filter Elements

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3M™ Zeta Plus™HT Series Replacement Filter Media/Elements
  • High wet-tensile strength filter media withstands multiple steaming and hot water sanitization cycles
  • Extended filter life provides high throughputs, fewer change-outs and reduced operating costs over conventional plate and frame filters
  • Depth filtration and electrokinetic adsorption provide efficient haze and particle reduction at micron ratings smaller than the mechanical rating alone
  • Variety of cartridge sizes offer flexible options for flow requirements
  • All Components are FDA CFR 21 listed for use with food & beverage filter applications

Our Zeta Plus™ H Series Filter Cartridges utilize a charge-modified depth filter media with high-tensile strength, which performs efficiently under elevated operating temperatures or repeated hot water sanitation cycles. In addition to the mechanical exclusion of particles via depth loading, the filter media adsorbs contaminants too small for mechanical straining alone.

We manufacture Zeta Plus™ H Series Filter Cartridges in 8, 12, and 16 inch diameter, providing filtration surface areas from 2.8 ft2 to 34.7 ft2 per cartridge. With a combination of depth filtration and electro-kinetic adsorption, our cartridge provides efficient haze and particle reduction at micron ratings lower than the mechanical rating alone.

Cartridge Construction

A single Zeta Plus H series filter cartridge is composed of an assembly of Zeta Plus filter cells. Each cell is composed of two Zeta Plus H Series filter media discs on either side of a polypropylene “stiff cell” separator. The discs are sealed together at the circumference by an injection-molded polypropylene edge seal to form a cell. We then unitize the cells into a cartridge, using set compression that results in a rugged, durable construction. The cells are held in place by three stainless steel bands in the core of the cartridge. We manufacture Zeta Plus cartridges in a variety of sizes and number of cell combinations.

Zeta Plus™ Filter Cartridge System vs. Plate & Frame Filter Economics

Our Zeta Plus filter cartridge system offers number of advantages over conventional plate and frame filters. Since the cartridge system is contained in a totally enclosed housing, there is no product leakage and no exposure of the filter media to external contamination, allowing for effective use of the media, higher throughputs, and low operating costs. In competing plate and frame filter press designs, the filter material is open to the environment, making both filter media and product susceptible to external contamination. Their “open” design requires more frequent media change-out cycles, typically every few days. This results are lower throughputs and higher material, labor and operating costs.

Plate and frame filters are labor-intensive, requiring two people four to eight hours to change out the media. Zeta Plus filter cartridges are easy to install and remove, usually taking about 15 minutes, netting you significantly less labor cost and allowing you to focus on the work, not the equipment. The savings become substantial when considering the floor space reduction of the vertical Zeta Plus housing design and a typical 50% or greater decrease in initial capital cost when compared to a comparable plate and frame filter.

Zeta Plus H series filter cartridges demonstrate important benefits in terms of effectiveness and operational cost savings:

  • Effective Particle Reduction
  • Available in a Range of Media Grades
  • Superior Strength and Resistance
  • High Performance in Microbial Reduction
  • Low Extractables


The Zeta Plus H series filter cartridge is ideally suited for clarification and pre-filtration in food and beverage, cosmetic, and general applications where its exceptional high wet-tensile strength media provides extended service life. These include aqueous, alcoholic, proteinaceous, and acidic solutions.

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