3M™ Zeta Plus™40Q Series Filter Elements

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3M™ Zeta Plus™HT Series Replacement Filter Media/Elements
  • Filters metallic ion contaminants from high purity chemicals, such as resins, photoresists, and solvents
  • Reduces trace metals to single-digit ppb levels
  • Graded density construction increases contact time between the fluid and reactive sites of the purifier cartridge
  • High flow rates provide increased throughputs as compared to ion exchange columns

Our Zeta Plus™ 40Q Series Purifier Cartridges filter metallic ion contaminants from high purity chemicals such as resins, photoresists, and solvents in a single pass. The purifier contains ion exchange groups bonded within a porous depth media structure, enhancing surface area and providing metallic contaminant reduction to single digit ppb levels.

Zeta Plus™ 40Q series purifiers are designed in a wide range of configurations, allowing the same filter media to be used throughout laboratory, pilot, and full production scale-up.

Zeta Plus™ 40Q Series Purifier Cartridges vs Ion Exchange Columns

Ion exchange columns, a process step commonly used to remove trace metal ions from high purity chemicals, are often the limiting factor in reducing the manufacturing cycle. Even with low flow rates and long residence times, ion exchange columns typically cannot reduce the trace metal content to the required specification levels in a single pass. One reason for this is that the ion exchange resin beads have a relatively low surface area to volume ratio, and another reason is that a large void volume exists between each resin bead. However, we have developed a chemically-modified purifier, capable of filtering metallic or ionic contaminants from photoresists, resins, solvents, and ancillary chemicals, with favorable flow rates and throughput. We accomplish this by maximizing purification surface area, which reduces the potential for channeling and increases the contact time between the chemical and reactive sites of the purifier cartridge.

Superior Metals Removal Capacity

Zeta Plus 40Q purifier filter cartridges contain multiple ion exchange groups that reduce trace metals such as Na, Fe, K, and Ca to single digit parts per billion levels in single pass or recirculation mode applications. Unlike standard purifiers, that contain ion exchange technologies only on the surface of the media, Zeta Plus 40Q purifier cartridges are able to filter ionic contaminants throughout the entire depth of the media. Our purifier cartridge provides a more efficient means of purification per surface area, with favorable flow rates and product life.

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