3M™ Zeta Plus™ ZVS Series Sanitary Filter Housings

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  • 316L stainless steel construction offers excellent corrosion resistance and provides long-term service
  • High-quality surface finish helps minimize bacterial/particulate adhesion
  • Housings accommodate one 5″, 10″, 20″ 30″ or 40″ filter cartridge suitable for small to intermediate product batches and tank vent applications
  • Accepts code 7 style double O-ring bayonet lock cartridge that locks into place, providing secure installation even under back pressure conditions
  • Easy-to-clean sanitary design vent and drain (optional drain valves available) helps limit cross contamination, no threaded parts in contact with process fluids
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) / steam-in-place (SIP) design permits easy cleaning, sterilization or sanitization in place (in-situ)
  • Designed to minimize product holdup volume enables maximum recovery of product

3M™ ZVS Series In-Line Housings are designed for critical clarification and sterile filtration applications. Manufactured to strict quality standards and from high quality materials, the 3M™ ZVS Series In-Line Housings Housings meet the exacting requirements of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and beverage and microelectronics industries.

3M™ ZVS Series In-Line Housings offer the high-quality electro polished surface finish for ease of cleaning. Wetted surfaces are further electro polished to a 10 micro inch Ra surface finish to help limit bacterial and particulate adhesion. A bayonet cartridge interlock design allows for easy cleaning, and a positive locking retention mechanism secures the filter cartridge even during back pressure surges. A 316L stainless steel clamp secures the housing base and dome permitting rapid filter change outs.

Each filter housing is hydrostatically tested to provide long term, efficient operation even in demanding environments. All housings are supplied with silicone gaskets that comply with CFR 21 requirements for direct food and drug contact.

3M™ ZVS Series In-Line Housings are designed for liquid or gas service and can easily be cleaned-in-place (CIP), steamed-in-place (SIP), or hot water sanitized. The 316L stainless steel in-line ZVS series accept one code 7 style filter element (double 226 O-rings with bayonet locking tabs with a spear top) in 10″, 30″, or 40″ length. The 5″ housing accepts a single filter with double 226 O-rings and bayonet locking tabs with a flat top. All 3M ZVS Series Filter Housings are equipped with 1/2″ sanitary vent and drain ports; vent and drain valves are available as optional accessories.

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