3M™ LifeAssure™ BA Series Filter Elements

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3M™ LifeAssure™ BA Series Fast Flow Filter Cartridge Elements
  • Cost-effective filtration with multi-zone microporous membrane technology
  • High surface area, nylon 6,6 microporous membrane results in fast flow rates and long service life
  • Spoilage organism retention provides reliable microbiological control

The LifeASSURE™ BA Series Filter Cartridge is designed for food and beverage applications that require reduction of fine particles and spoilage microorganisms. This product features a robust nylon 6,6 membrane that is characterized by excellent flow and low pressure drop, and is designed to provide ideal performance.

Decreased Filtration Costs

Cartridge filter life is directly proportional to filter area and inversely proportional to face velocity (flow rate per filter area). For most beverages, when the filter area is doubled at the same flow rate, the throughput is increased by two and one-half times. With the high surface area of LifeASSURE™ BA Series Filter Cartridge, the face velocity can be lower and throughput greater than with lower surface area cartridges.

LifeASSURE™ BA Series Filter Cartridges withstand a mild alkaline flush after each days run (typically 30 minutes of forward recirculation of 2-3% NaOH at 140°F [60°C]). Throughputs are improved from 3 to 10 times for most beverages, depending on when the cleaning cycles are started.

Integrity Testing

Users can also perform integrity tests in-situ to ensure performance. Bubble point pressure, diffusion flow, or pressure hold procedures can be performed while filters are in the housing, thus demonstrating the cartridge’s efficiency to filter spoilage microorganisms on-line.


  • Wine
  • Beerz
  • Bottled water
  • Soft drinks
  • Distilled spirits
  • Intermediates and ingredients
  • Syrups
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